Valerie Viosca L.Ac.

Valerie Viosca, L. Ac.

Valerie’s interest in acupuncture started in spring 1995 after a snowboarding accident of a clavicle (collar bone) fracture. Her search for “natural pain management” led her to try acupuncture. The pain relief experienced after receiving acupuncture treatment for the first time was something experienced like never before. The pain relief was immediate. This was one of many events (sports injuries) that put Valerie on the path of natural healing and natural medicine.

After taking college courses at UNO (New Orleans) & UNM (New Mexico) she attended and graduated from The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing (Taos & Santa Fe, NM) in 1997 with a Diploma in Massage Therapy Degree (700 hours) Upon graduation from massage school she completed a 300 hours apprenticeship in Japanese style (shiatsu) bodywork, moxibustion, and acupuncture with Jeffery Dann Ph.D., L.Ac. in La Veta, Colorado during 1997/98. Her next level of training in acupuncture took her to Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM where she earned a Masters in Science in Oriental Medicine (M.S.O.M.) graduating in May 2002 with nearly 3000 hours of study and clinic. Valerie has taken advanced study courses in sports medicine acupuncture, orthopedic acupuncture and dry needling.

In 2003, just one year after graduating from acupuncture school, Valerie began teaching yoga in La Veta, Colorado at the local gym and on weekends in Angel Fire, NM to the junior snowboard race team that she used to coached. When she returned to New Orleans in the post Katrina era, she taught yoga and performed community acupuncture in a variety of settings throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Valerie currently teaches extended practices and workshops at Freret Street Yoga in New Orleans and the La Veta Yoga Studio in La Veta, CO. She holds one of the highest credentials as a yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance, the 500 hour E-educator, RYT- registered yoga teacher. Additionally, she is certified to teach workshops and classes for continuing education credits through the Yoga Alliance.

Valerie is NCCAOM certified and CCAOM certified for clean needle technique and is licensed to practice acupuncture in the states of Louisiana and Colorado.