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SATYA Sensory Awareness Through Yoga Attunement

  • Swan River Yoga 2940 Canal St New Olreans, La 70119 (map)

Thursdays in January 6-7:30pm


SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) are movements that complement asana training. The emphasis will be on building greater sensation and proprioceptive awareness within the poses. By increasing our capacity for sensory awareness, we become more connected, more present and awake beings. By training the field of our sensory-motor system, by listening and developing a more receptive mind, we tap the body-mind’s innate intelligence and capacity to heal.

The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve techniques to reduce myo-fascial holding in the body. They are gentle techniques done on the floor and involve sliding, gliding and circular movements. The exercises help mobilize the joints, remove fatigue from the body, balance asymmetries and align the right and left sides of the body. The SATYA training, along with yoga postures, involves neural-muscular re-education. Like in vinyasa training, breath is combined with movement in order to deepen the respiratory rhythm. The SATYA experience encourages sensory awareness and inner listening as one directly observes the flow of blood and nerve pulsation through the nadis (energetic channels).
The SATYA practices complement asana practice while deeply restoring the body. They open the joint spaces, build sensory-motor awareness, re-educate the neural-muscular system and help develop bi-lateral symmetry.

This is a 1.5hr class is combined with the SATYA and all levels asana.

This special edition class is held on Thursdays throughout January from 6-7:30pm

You may sign up online at

Earlier Event: December 4
Later Event: February 19